About Me...

Hi!  My name is Rachel but I go under the title of 'Candy Pop' for my customised dolls.  I have spent the last 17 years being a commercial toy designer and illustrator, and in my spare time I love to customise and photograph dolls.  


My dolls are a little bit different than most; they are usually themed and my Blythe dolls always come with a pet to match their style.  The illustration on this page is inspired by the first doll I ever customised and sold; she reminded me of a pink cotton candy lollipop hence the name 'Candy Pop' for my artist name.  I love to create fun, crazy and adorable dolls which are inspired by my love of candy, Japanese kawaii pop culture and anything that catches my eye which makes me smile!

candypopgirl2 [Recovered].jpg

Custom dolls with added sweetness!

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