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I made an ice cream van from a Barbie motorhome!

Custom toy ice cream van by Rachel Godfroy

A while ago I came across an old Barbie motorhome from the late 80's on eBay. I was gutted that other toy ranges seem to have ice cream vans (Sylvanian Families, Playmobil, Shopkins) but it was impossible to find one that was fashion doll-sized. So as always I decided to make my own and bought the motorhome to customise! Barbie's Magic Motorhome was available in the late 80's and contained everything Barbie would need for a camping trip, and the trailer pulls apart and stands alone so the front part can be used as a table and seating and as a car by itself.

When I received the van it was in a bit of a state and needed a thorough clean. There was a bit of discolouration here and there but nothing was broken or warped.

Firstly the whole van needed a wash. I needed to get rid of all the stickers and dirt. Then I sanded, painted and stuck new stickers onto the interior and exterior. I designed most of them on my computer and printed them onto adhesive inkjet paper.

The inside needed some new furniture! I made an ice cream machine from a Sindy shelving unit, plastic doll glasses, 2 doll microphones and a plastic grill. I then found some old plastic Sindy doll sauce bottles and ice cream containers and gave them new labels. I also found a small plastic till which I painted to make it look more detailed.

I made a drinks fridge from the oven and added shelves at the back from painted wood. I also made an ice cream display cabinet from another Sindy shelving unit and fashioned a door from acetate and more wood. The ice cream containers were made from Fimo placed into small plastic jewellery cases. I added a lot of extras too, an old Barbie juice machine, a My Scene coffee maker, lots of small jars and sweets that I've collected over the years and food cabochons. The straws are made from cocktail sticks and painted!

I wanted the outside to reflect my Candy Pop brand as I want to take this ice cream van to display at doll conventions, so again I designed some stickers, printed them out and the van was finished!

Now all I need to do is make a doll to serve up the ice cream!

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