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Orange 'Fanta-sy' Custom Blythe Doll

Every year at DollyConUK there is a colour theme competition, and this year it was orange. Any type of doll can enter, but I wanted this doll to be special, so I chose to customise Blythe. Orange is quite a difficult colour to theme a doll, (unless it's Halloween) but I came up with basing her on my favourite fizzy drink, after all she had to be sweet and fizzy to be a Candy Pop doll!

She started out as a Simply Mango Blythe doll and she's had a complete overhaul! Every one of my Blythe dolls have a pet to accompany them, so I found a Littlest Pet Shop green rollerskating lizard who I thought would be crazily perfect for her! (He needed a makeover too.)

I always love to sketch my ideas, so here is the sketch book page I created.

To make sure that this Blythe was completely as obsessed with Fanta as I was every part of her needed to reflect the orange fizziness and sweetness of the drink. I created her outfit by making the orange patterns on computer and printing them out onto fabric, which I then sewed into the tights, socks, skirt and top. The jacket has bright neon edges which doesn't show as well in the photos for some reason. It has orange segments as button decoration down the front. I saw a bridesmaid's dress over the summer which had petals in the netting of the skirt and this gave me the idea of filling the orange skirt with sequins, orange segments and Fanta cans. Her belt is made from shiny PVC and it has an orange character charm on the front.

Her pull strings are orange and have a jug of orange juice and a Fanta can to open and close her sleep eyes. Her eyes are boggled and gaze corrected and every eye chip was designed on computer. Her eyelids were painted orange with blue eyeliner and orange glitter applied, and her eyelashes were replaced with bright blue ones.

I love face painting on dolls, so after I'd finished sanding and carving the nose, philtrum, mouth and chin I decided to add subtle eyebrows and natural lip colour, and then add a splash of orange onto her face. Everything was then covered with several thin layers of MSC. Her neck was wobbly when I gave her a Pure Neemo body, so I added epoxy clay to her neck and sanded it down so it didn't wobble anymore.

I had an amazing wig that I hadn't used, and rather than shaving off Simply Mango's hair and sewing or glueing the wig in place, I decided to keep the original hair and place the wig over it as it was such a good fit. This way, her new owner can decided whether this doll can have her original hair or the crazy wig if she is dressed into something else. I attached bubble-like beads to the hair using wire, put her hair up into pigtails and added orange ribbons. She still didn't look fun enough, so I made orange bubble deelieboppers on a headband which bounced around like fizzy bubbles when she was moved!

I found some great accessories. Tiny orange segments were used for roller skate wheels and buttons, I made a Fanta can bag (that was too small to sew on the machine so I had to hand sew it) with a lot of Fanta bottles inside, an orange bubble bead bracelet, painted the roller skates to match the outfit and also gave her nails an orange manicure! Out of sheer luck I came across a Fanta pencil case to store all of her accessories in which looked fantastic.

I named the rollerskating lizard 'Bubbles' and painted him orange with subtle yellow bubbles on his back and glittered his back spine. His roller skates were also painted and I gave him a tiny collar and lead for Blythe to hold onto.

When she was finished, I named her 'Fantasia' as she really is an orange fantasy!

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